Monthly Archives: August 2004

We don’t have parenting licenses

So, our big revelation recently with regards to our wee daughter Iris was the profound recognition of a good (?) pun using her name:

Buenos Iris

Sooner or later we’ll start taking this whole parenting thing seriously and come up with something truly useful and profound to say about the whole child-rearing experience.  Ha!  Who am I kidding?

Of course, Iris is the truly profound one; amid her babblings one can find true wisdom.


My experimental Twiki is up and running here:

Have a look, poke around, edit some pages!

Dynamic reptiles

Dave Alger and I were standing outside of the General Dynamics building last week, shooting the breeze, watching cars pull up to the front of the building to drop people off.  Then, this van pulled up:

Nothing says “defense conglomerate” more than a van full of live reptiles!

(If you can’t make out the URL on the van, it is