Daily Archives: June 13, 2005


22 minutes until the Jacko verdict is read. Lots of IMing going on at work right now. Chris mentioned the CNN feed at APL showing an overhead helicopter shot (shades of OJ).

[16:24] backlyte: OH NOES! they are losing the heli feed
[16:25] doranchak: the overhead shot looks like the "entourage heading to court" (caption on cnn.com)
[16:25] backlyte: ok, it's back. shew...though i was gonna miss some of this exciting "low speed non chase"
[16:25] doranchak: ROFL

Buttery boxing gloves

I bought an extremely useful web development reference from Visibone recently. It was probably the best $30 I’ve spent on web development in a long time! Lots of extremely useful information packed into a easy-to-access space. It came with a cover letter from the company owner filled with dramatic inspirational language that I got a chuckle out of for being a bit over-the-top. Some funny examples:

I cannot imagine what wonders you will create on the web, what new forms of online usefulness you will define, what bright visions you will arrest into pixels.

This excerpt is funny, and very true:

The tools and technologies available for this job are numbingly, embarrassingly difficult. The design software, the formatting standards, the codes and symbols. Using them is like building a ship in a bottle with buttery boxing gloves.