Webtoy Help
A tool for exploring statistics and patterns of substitution cipher texts.

Available ciphers:

Index of coincidence, Entropy, Chi2:


Reps chart: N: (Increase | Decrease) ngram size: x-axis:

Largest non-repeating sequences:
Repeating transposed sequences:
Ciphertext segments with the most repeated symbols:
Repeated sequences (any direction):
All sequences that share at least the first and last symbols (any direction):
Intersections of repeating symbols:
Brute force search for sequential homophones (N=2):
Brute force search for sequential homophones (N=3):
Brute force search for sequential homophones (N=4):
Environment analysis:
Letter contacts:
Yield analysis:
Alignment analysis:
Symbol distances grid:
Find repeating ngrams with gaps:
Symmetry analysis:
Omnidirectional repetitions: Include diagonals? Exclude linear?

  • 11/2011:
    • Added omnidirectional repetition finder
    • Added cosine similarity measurement to Letter Contacts tool
  • 9/2011: (documentation for new features)
    • Added "highlight all" to n-grams
    • Added symmetry analysis tool
    • Added symbol distances grid
    • Added tool to count repetitions of ngrams with gaps
    • Added alignment analysis tool
    • Added environment analysis tool
    • Added tool to find intersections of repeating symbols
    • Added tool to hide most or least frequently occurring symbols
    • Added yield analysis tool. Added yield percentage to repeated symbol search tool
    • Added "Reps chart"
    • Added charts for "Max non-repeating sequence lengths by position"
    • Added "Highlight first occurrences of symbols" feature
  • 4/2011:
    • "Repeated sequences (any direction)" now shows you a breakdown of sequences by direction
    • Split homophone candidate score map into two version: sum and max
  • 1/15/2011:
  • 12/31/2010: First version!