David Oranchak

Roanoke, VA 24018 | doranchak at gmail dot com


I am an experienced key team member in the design, development, deployment, and integration of new database-driven applications and graphical visualization technologies on the Web. I have over ten years of software engineering experience in the areas of Web, Java, database technologies, and artificial intelligence. I am seeking exciting new opportunities to use my skills to create innovative new Web and software technology.


Master of Science, Computer Science

Fall 2002 - Fall 2007; NTU School of Education and Applied Science at Walden University; http://www.ntu.edu

Completed a Master of Science degree in Computer Science, with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence.

Selected coursework: Data Mining / Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; Genetic Algorithms; Neural Networks Design; XML, Java, and the Enterprise; Analysis of Algorithms; Real-Time Systems; Database Management Systems; Advanced Data Structures; Principles of Programming Languages. (full course list)

Selected authored papers: Evolutionary Algorithm for Decryption of Monoalphabetic Homophonic Substitution Ciphers Encoded as Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Comparison of Koza-Style Genetic Programming Classification Technique to Weka-Supported Classifiers Applied to the Prediction of Jury Trial Outcomes from Legal Case Histories in Public Defender Databases (data mining project for graduate school), Evolutionary synthesis of photographic artwork using human fitness function derived from web-based social networks, Artificial Neural Network For Automated Prediction of Popularity of Digitized Images (accompanying slides)

Independent Research

Jan 2007 - Present

  • Currently developing techniques to attack monoalphabetic homophonic substitution ciphers using genetic algorithms.
  • Exploring artificial creativity by combining evolutionary art with online social networks.

Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering

Aug 1993 - May 1997; Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA; http://www.eng.vt.edu

Selected course work: Human-Computer Interaction; Microprocessor Applications in Music; Microprocessor Design; Operating Systems; Digital Design; Computer Organization; Data Structures; Electronics; Computer Graphics; Object-Oriented Software Development. (full course list)

Work Experience

Director of Technology

LegalEdge Software, Inc. (March 2006 - present), Roanoke VA; http://www.legaledge.com


  • Managed technical platform for Web-based legal case management software. Helped guide emerging technologies into the platform.
  • Developed and maintained Web-based legal case management software for multiple clients. The software is based on an adaptive metamodel used to create client customizations rapidly.
  • Developed further technology experience in the following areas: Tapestry, Hibernate, Spring, Quartz, OGNL, Oracle, JBoss, AJAX, SQL Server, Ant, log4j, JIRA, Eclipse, Spindle, Jetty, JMeter, YourKit, Cognition.
  • Developed experimental research on predictive classifiers that predict jury decisions in trial cases based on case histories and defendant demographics. Developed classifiers using the Weka experimental platform. I also used genetic programming techniques in ECJ to develop decision tree classifiers. Achieved 90% predictive accuracies in some datasets.

Development and Technology Manager; Web Application Architect

Business Knowledge Architects (June 1999 - March 2006), Roanoke VA; http://www.bka-inc.com


  • Created web and database applications using Java, Oracle, and XML technologies for large-scale fuels financial accounting and inventory management system for the Department of Defense.
  • Co-founded the OpenLexicon open-sourced business rules management system, a BKA-developed software product used to rapidly capture and manage software and business logic requirements for organizations. OpenLexicon has been made Open Source Software for public use under the Apache Software Foundation license.
  • Successfully implemented the OpenLexicon business rules technology with a medical information integration project for Tricare, the military health system for the Department Of Defense.
  • Created an XML-based code generation methodology for complete automation of application generation and deployment based on collected business rules metadata.
  • Built the OpenLexicon Broker Control Panel, an XSQL/XML-based Web application that provides remote coordination and control of database, Java, and OpenLexicon business rule processes in an enterprise production system.
  • Developed web services for processing encrypted XML-based inventory and accounting transactions from field locations into an enterprise system.
  • Management of many aspects of the software engineering and product lifecycle, including: design, development, code review, documentation, testing, build management, revision control, prototyping, deployment, client engagement, and marketing.
  • Developed further technology experience in the following areas: Oracle, Oracle Application Server, MySQL, Struts, Torque, Ant, Tomcat, Eclipse, Axis, Log4j, Ajax, JSON-RPC.

Software Engineer / Oracle Consultant

Computer Resource Team (Apr 1998 - June 1999), Blacksburg VA; http://www.crtinc.com


  • Developed client-server data-driven Oracle Developer 2000 applications used to implement quality control processes of a large-scale manufacturing plant
  • Designed and developed migration of legacy data and systems to an Oracle back end.
  • Designed and developed reusable Web-based security interfaces for online fuel automation system used by the Department of Defense.

Programmer / Analyst

Newman Library, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA; http://www.lib.vt.edu


  • Developed Web-based interfaces to Oracle databases using PL/SQL and CGI scripts to generate dynamic HTML documents.
  • Developed Web-based access to statistics automatically imported daily from a computerized library cataloging system.
  • Developed Web-based online database resource for Virginia Tech professors to submit course materials on the Web.
  • Implemented full-scale search engine access to and modification of a database of online electronic journals.
  • Provided database administration including maintenance of database resources, creation and/or modification of user accounts, and resolution of performance issues.

Skills / Technologies

My current focus is on creating rich, sophisticated Web-based applications that use asynchronous web technologies such as AJAX to provide users with a much more satisfying application interaction than was previously possible with Web technologies. I am also focused on new applications of emerging artificial intelligence technologies such as genetic algorithms, neural networks, machine learning, and data mining.

My technology experience includes these areas: Java, XML, HTML, DHTML, DOM, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, JSP, PHP, Jini, Web Services, Java RMI, Struts, Eclipse, Tapestry, JBoss, Oracle XSQL, SQLJ, PL/SQL, Perl, C++, Pascal, C, Assembly, BASIC, Unix shells, and a very large variety of open source projects.

My systems experience includes: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Oracle Application Server, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Redhat Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Sun Solaris, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT.

Publications / Conferences

References / Portfolio

My portfolio is available here. References are available upon request.

Certifications / Training

  • December 2003: SeeBeyond ICAN Solutions 5.0 training
  • November 14, 1997: Oracle Database Administration course
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