Daily Archives: May 5, 2004

Shotgun approach (and other funny work stories)

For some reason I feel like I need to recount the number of ways a co-worker of mine tried to track me down while I was sitting at my desk. It’s been over a month or so — lemme see if I get it right.

I was sitting at my desk, working, trying to focus and not be boggled by tons of emails, calls, IMs, etc. The task at hand: get a piece of our software product up and running. My phone rings – I can see that it is a call from the Springfield office. I figure, “this can wait.” I know who’s calling. I’ll call back later.

In the span of roughly 5 mere minutes, this person tries to contact me the following ways:

– via an email message from him
– via an instant message from him
– through our office administrative assistant, who comes to my door and asks, “Should I just tell him you’ll call him back”?
– through the project manager at the customer site, who leaves me a voice message AND sends me an email
– through a fellow worker, who comes to my office and says “he instant messaged me to ask if you were around.”
– through ANOTHER fellow worker, who comes to my office and says “he instant messaged me to ask if you were around.”

To top it off? The reason he was trying to get in touch with me was to ask if I was working on what I had already been working on at the time of the first contact attempt: getting that piece of our software product up and running. It was both infuriating and extremely funny.

A quick quote from a former employee: “My son says he wants to inject parasites into Satan’s testicles.”

One of the best typos in a company email EVER:

Instead of:

“Sorry about the inconvenience.”

We got:

“Sorry about the incontinence.”

Library technology

One of the convenient features of our local library here in Roanoke is its web page, where you can search the card catalog for the book you want. Another feature is the ability to renew books online. Kathryn logged into their web page tonight to try this out. She obtained her library card very recently, so we haven’t built up much history with them yet. One of the first items we checked out was the DVD “Capturing the Friedmans”, an acclaimed documentary about the destruction of an upper middle class Jewish family by the father and one of sons being accused of many counts of child molestation.

So, Amazon.com-style, the library web page tries to be clever and comes up with a list of “Kathryn’s favorite subjects.” At the very top of the list is “Children in pornography.”

Great; now we’re probably in a database somewhere.

I love it when computers do our thinking for us!